Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I've never had such a FUNKY DIET!

It is April, and is about five years since my last R-CHOP treatment and being cancer clear.

I think I've had health issues ever since.  Small things, sometimes just a nuisance or a little painful.

So here I am, a type two diabetic, and I have GERD; and I also have a reaction to Prilosec and so have to eat enough carbohydrate to balance out any protein I take in.

I was basically keeping my blood sugars under control and losing weight by eating more fats and proteins and fewer carbohydrates.

No bread, pasta, cereal. Lots of eggs, meat and coconut oil.

I can't try to conform to a ketogenic diet if I can't take a drug to keep the reflux from burning my throat.

So I came up with a diet of low glycemic index - and sometimes not so low glycemic index stuff to eat and I lost more weight.

I'm still losing weight, and when I saw my doctor back in the middle of February, six weeks after starting my new and curious diet, my HbA1C was 5.9.

Not bad for a close-to-vegetarian diabetic.  This was not expected by my doctor.

The logic for a ketogenic kind of diet for type two diabetes is kind of clear - at least doctors write about it; although it wasn't always accepted wisdom, and still isn't some places.

But the kind of vegetarian diet that I'm on?  Well that's another story.

There is a school of vegetarian doctors who believe that a very basic vegetarian diet is good for type two diabetics. 

I used to think they were nuts.

But my blood sugar when I wake up in the morning is about 85 which is clearly normal.  I'm taking two 500 mg tablets of Metformin each day, down from four, so it's better than what I used to be doing.

Although I dropped from 4 pills to 2 while trying to be ketogenic.  I've kept it at 2.

I used to take Metformin in the AM and PM, with meals, but now I have the first one with breakfast and the next one with lunch.  This is to avoid low blood sugar at night, which happened when I stuck to my old schedule.

Much to my surprise, this all seems to be working.

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